Intergalactic Communicationz (Creme 12​-​92)

by Lake Haze




Next up Creme Organization is a return by regular artist Lake Haze. Following his Natural Insight EP earlier in the year comes Intergalactic Communicationz, four more fresh tracks of acid, techno and electro that is brilliantly evocative. The Portuguese artist known as Goncalo Salgado also please son labels like Unknown to the Unknown and is a real hardware master.

At The Gates ov Futron is a turbulent lack track with zipping acid and a cacophony of percussion that is visceral as well as cinematic. Drexciyan Aquarium is, as the name suggest, an aqueous electro track that slithers and slides through an expansive underwater world. Poseidon’s Dream then offers a more rugged electro groove that is backed by heavenly pads and a real sense of loss in the synths. Last of all, Intergalactic Communication closes out this far travelling and intergalactic EP with a sci-fi deep house track that is filled with light, 909s and a sense that the end of the world is coming.

"Lake evoca frío, tensión y, sobre todo, caminos cruzados."
Mauricio Atencia (DJ Mag (LA) / Thump Colombia, Medellín)

skyland mountain (scenery, Liverpool)

Iron Curtis (Retreat Mirau Mule, Berlin)

"nice one!"
Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Chicago)

"Nice Drexciyan flavor tracks ! Love all the tracks."
Fabrice Lig (Planet E/Systematic, Biesme-Sous-Thuin)

"2 + 4 are great here, thanks!"
James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio, Bristol)

""At The Gates Ov Futron" is fantastic"
Massiande (MOS Recordings, Santiago)

"Solid tunes"
Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles)

"Super duper up my street :)"
Happa (PT/5 Records, Leeds)

"downloaded for r hawtin"
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin)

"solid electro flavours, thx!!"
Ben Sims (Symbolism, London)

Rivet (Kess Kill / Kontra-Musik, Malmö)

"nice vibe ! tx"
GoldFFinch (Valence, Turbo)

"As reliable as ever from Creme. Digging the A1 and B2 the most on first listen."
Paul Mac (Stimulus Records, Essex)

"superb tunes!"
Alberto Sanchez (DJ Mag (ES), Sevilla)

"great stuff"
Locked Groove (Afterlife, Berlin)

"beauty !"
Tomaz (22tracks, Halle)

"Intergalactic Communication does it for me !"
James Kumo (KMusic, Manchester)

"Big up the Drexciyan! So sweet release."

"Great as always! thanks."
Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel, Berlin)

"not quite for me"
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"Broody & lovely mood! Intergalactic Communication is a gem! Thank you"
Hiver (Curle/Dude Club)

"Totally digging the Drexciyan vibes on the A side"
Artefakt (Delsin/Field/Prologue, Amsterdam)

"great release"
Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted House, Paris)

"First track is really good"
Benjamin Damage (50Weapons)

"At the Gates for me please."
Simian Mobile Disco (Delicacies)

"Simply stunning"
Photonz (One Eyed Jacks, Lisbon)

"Sexy times"
Jazzface (DJ Jazzface/ Freelance, Stavanger)

"really cool ep"
Chille jr. (Night Moves@Framedfm, Croatia)

"beautiful, classic futuristic"
Luis Rozalén (Clubbing Spain)

"not what I usually play, but good oldschool electro. Thanks."
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

"Always good to see new stuff coming from the Creme headquarters. Proper emo-electro on Drexciyan Aquarium"
Deejay Raoul (Syncom Data)

"Cool ep!!"
Nuno Dos Santos (Something Happening Somewhere, Utrecht)

"Poseidon's Dream!"
Marsman (Pinkman Records, Rotterdam)

"Big fan of the first track"

"Nice one.. especialy the Aquarium for me! cool"
Marcelus (Singular, Ozoir la ferrière)

Slam (Soma Records)


released December 12, 2016



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