Natural Insight (Creme 12​-​89)

by Lake Haze



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Creme Organization look to Portugal’s fast rising Lake Haze for a new three track EP that comes a year after he debuted on the Dutch label with IVVVO. To date, the man born Gonçalo Salgado has also released on Unknown to the Unknown and LAMA and works under this alias, his own name and Chainless, always conjuring up a rather doom laden house sound.

Solar Flames opens the EP with a grand sense of sadness. Vast kicks pound below as eerie pads make for an unsettling atmosphere. When a slitting acid line comes in, the 909 pings really kick into action and the track takes off. Sinister Strike is just that, a driving and dark track with elastic bass and ravey stabs that make for physical listening. Lastly, Geisterbahnhöfe is a broken beat affair that is rueful and zoned out. Full of sombre, reflective open spaces and distant electro stylings, it rounds out a varied and vital EP.

Tomaz (22tracks):
"very good overall... unknown locations is a killer"

Zadig (Construct Re­Form):
"Strong one. Love it very much. Thanks"

Vince Watson (Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba): "not for me this time sorry"

TX Connect (DABJ / Creme Organization / L.I.E.S./ Lower Parts): "Unknown Locations is pure fire. Anything with the DR660 gets me goin' ;)"

James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio): "'unknown locations' is a tasty lil number, thanks..!"

Domenic Cappello (Sub Club): "unknown locations is the one"

Bleak ( Delsin /Naura/ Deeply Rooted): "Electric"

Marcel Heese (Tresor, Finitude):
"'unknown locations' sounds like an early 90s rave monster. love it! thanks!"

Electric Indigo (indigo:inc): "not for me, thanks."

Tom Dicicco (The Corner / Off Minor Recordings): "Solar Flames! Another killer Creme release"

Karim Sahraoui (Transmat/Mirakles): "Amazing ep...brilliant all the way."

Craig Hollywood (RTRFM):
"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"

DJ Bone (Subject Detroit): "Not for me. Thanks"

Kobosil (Ostgut Ton, MDR): "unknown locations ... killer!"

Paul Mac (Stimulus Records):
"Solar Flames is the pick for me. Just the right shade of epic :)"

Ben Sims (Symbolism): "unknown locations for me, thx!!"

Flori (Aim / secretsundaze):
"This is wicked. Unknown Locations is my pick on first listen. Banging. Cheers!"

Basic Soul Unit (Lab.our Union Creative): "Feeling Solar Flames, thx!"

Metrist / L.SAE (Opal Tapes/Black Opal):
"this is actually banbging yeah yeahyeahyeah"

Richie Hawtin (M­nus): "downloaded for r hawtin"

Gingy (Clone):
"Just watched the new Star Wars, might be trippin but seems pretty obvious that Solar Flames was the soundtrack for that death planet cannon thing. John Williams on Creme Organization? SPOILER ALERT Lake Haze murdered Luke Skywalker and I joined the dark side"

Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808):
"solar flames and geisterbahnhofe, the it"

Roberto (Fossil Archive / Fachwerk):
"Really great release. I particularly like Geisterbahnhöfe"

Marsman (Pinkman Records): "what not to like?? awesome!"

Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton): "Solar Flames! Thanks!"

Nuno Dos Santos (Something Happening Somewhere): "geisterbahnhofe!!"

John Osborn (Tanstaafl Records): "Great tunes, thanks!"

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Recordings): "not for me"

Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel):
"Yes! excellent EP , digging Solar Flames and Unknown Locations , killer Chicago flavour ."

Alex.Do (Dystopian): "Sick. Thanks a lot."

Clouds (Turbo):
"really into solar flares"

Drvg Cvltvre (New York Haunted):
"solar flares is the one. the rest feels a bit like legowelt leftovers"

Chille jr. (Night
"Solar Flames & Geisterbahnhöfe are great!"

Mark du Mosch (Clone Distribution): "Thanks. Like it a lot & dope artwork too"

Giles Armstrong:
"If you like Stringy Old Skool 80's beats then this EP is for you (and me!)."

Innershades (Roze Balletten): "Been playing Solar Flames A LOT!"

Randomer (Hemlock):
"First two tracks got me so hyped! Gonna start my set tomorrow night with Solar Flames for sure"

Slam (Soma Records):
"Unknown Locations and Solar Flames ­ both very cool tracks"

Santiago Salazar (Historia y Violencia):
"I'm really digging 'Unknown Locations'. Thanks"

Darko Esser (Doornroosje):
"Dope release, all over Solar Flames and Unknown Locations"


released February 21, 2016



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