A Mind Forever Voyaging Album Sampler (Creme 12​-​91)




PREVIEW: soundcloud.com/cremeorganization/creme-12-91-asok-a-mind-forever-voyaging-ltd-album-sampler

As an introduction to his upcoming debut album 'A Mind Forever Voyaging' Liverpool artist ASOK brings a teaser for what to expect. Full album out late April.

"ASOK + Creme. Winning combo right there - ike"
Ike Release

"Yes man, well into The Killing Game Show."
Szare (Horizontal Ground / Field Records / Project 13, High Peak)

"Killer Ep! Loving the distorted bass in TKGS, and its singular chords. Loom is a belter."
Najem Sworb (Clone, Ai)

"not for me, sorry."
alex cortex

"not for me"
Ksoul (Ksoul & MuteOscillator, TORINO)

"Loving the special beats!"
Stenny (Ilian Tape)

"YES!!! the killing game show"
Anton Pieete (Rejected)

Iron Curtis (Retreat Mirau Mule, Berlin)

"the killing game is great."
Huxley (Aus Music)

"Quality low fi vibes yet again really looking forward to hearing the album is this is the taster."
Paul Mac (Stimulus Records, Essex)

"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"
Craig Hollywood (RTRFM)

"killing game show is cool"
Gingy (Clone, Toronto)

"ASOK is killing it as usual!"

"the whole release is fantastic, but feeling especially 'The Killing Game Show', great dirty bass. Thanks!"
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

"some nice quality tech!! Bloody lovely!"
Tommy D Funk (DJ Times)

"like the killing game show a lot, thanks!"
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"love stu's stuff, head and shoulders above the majority of analogue techno type stuff that's everywhere these days. can't wait for the LP."
James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio, Bristol)

"loom is great! love it! full support"
Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808, Zagreb)

Darko Esser (Doornroosje, Nijmegen)

"Loving ASOK's production, on fine form here. Look forward to the LP."
Tom Dicicco (Delsin / The Corner, Northampton)

"Thanks, looking fwd to LP!"
Rivet (Kess Kill / Kontra-Musik, Malmö)

"this bangs!"
Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Brooklyn)

"loom !"
GoldFFinch (Valence, Turbo)

"not for me this one"
Vince Watson (Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba, Amsterdam)

"not for me"
Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Recordings)

"the killing game show. superb"
skyland mountain (scenery, Liverpool)

"Dope cuts"
Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles)

"Lovely stuff all round."
Happa (PT/5 Records, Leeds)

"great. #3 for me. thanks !"
Psyk (Mote-Evolver / NON Series)

"Great soundscapes and nice driven percussion, perfect moody tracks!"
Discrete Circuit (AWAY, Berlin)

"Liking Loom, and 6800 is beautiful thanks!"
Ripperton (Perspectiv Records, Lausanne)

"sounds lovely!"
Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape)

Dodi Palese (What Ever Not - Engrave Ltd, Italy)

"Really nice set-up for a full-length, definitely an intriguing sampler. "Killing Game Show" is top-tier here."

"Killing Game Show is wicked."
Bleaching Agent (Mira / Komisch)

"like loom ,great sound"
Domenic Cappello (Sub Club)

"Loom is great ! thanks."
Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel, Berlin)

"nice one Stu!! sounds great :)"
Romansoff (Raw Tools, Bucharest)

"The ever improving sounds of ASOK, 2 really useful cuts here in The Killing game Show & Loom. Not your average run of the mill techno fodder either. Waiting impatiently for the full album to drop. Big up Stu!"
Damo (Outta Limits Radio Show, Greater Manchester)

"Bring on the album! The Killing Game Show is killing it"
Kid Culture (DJ Mag NL)

"loom is really good"
The Hacker (Zone)

"downloaded for r hawtin"
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin)

"Loom!! Great track. Thank you"
DJ Bone (Subject Detroit)

"one of my fave new generation artists for sure, digging these 3 cuts, look forward to the full album. thx!!"
Ben Sims (Symbolism, London)

"strong - thanx"
Slam (Soma Records)

"The Killing Game Show for me"
Circular Rhythms (Scenery)

"creme on it again, very nice tracks"
Marsman (Pinkman Records, Rotterdam)


released April 11, 2016



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