Ghosts (Creme Eclipse 14)

by Benedikt Frey



It is German producer Benedikt Frey who is next up on Dutch label Creme Organization with a fully formed four track EP entitled Ghosts. In just three years, Frey has established himself on quality labels like Live At Robert Johnson and Mule, as well as on his own Label Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, and each of those releases has summonsed up a different vibe, from kinky techno to moody deep house, but always with a truly unique melody, hook or texture somewhere in the groove.

‘Can’t Joke With Dexy’ is the opener here and is a bumpy, edgy house cut with tense and nervy keys jangling above a roughshod drum line. It grows ever more dark and comic and things roll on before ‘Faith’ is a more breezy, airy house groove. The drums here dance a nimble dance, thin synths and emotive chords all come in rich layers and a lo-fi percussive line proves how Frey can conjure up idiosyncratic sounds with ease. Like its title suggest, ‘Ghosts’ is a hauntingly atmospheric track with icy hi hats, pixel thing and hugely melancholic chords and harmonic bells all adding a sense of calm and serenity to turbulent drums deep down below. Lastly, ‘Scale’ is a sub 100bpm crawler with fat elastic synths strung up between lazy kicks. Two filtered spoken word lines add plenty of weirdness to this soupy bit of cosmic seduction and round out an EP that is stuffed with fresh ideas and great sonic invention.

Brendan Arnott (Juno Plus):
"hehe, scale threw me for a loop. Find myself enjoying being a bit jostled by these tracks!"

inouveau (Bodytonic Music):
"Interesting one this, liking it. Scale is incredible."

Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY): "not for me."

skyland mountain (scenery): "nice"

Marko Nastic (Radio B92 / Exit Festival): "lovely tracks."

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape): "faith sounds deeeeeeeep!"

Eiwen (BLN FM / @Eiwenhertz): "not for me, sorry."

Phil Moffa:
"Loving it, will play"

Peter van Hoesen (Time To Express):
"Faith is an awesome track. Solid progression, unique vibe."

a bit jostled by these tracks!"

Szare (Horizontal Ground): "Some cool moments here."

Emmanuel (ARTS): "Can't joke with Dxy."

Marsman (Pinkman Records): "can't joke with dexy!"

Dakini9 (Plan B Recordings / Sound Warrior):
"Benedikt Frey is a name I immediately gravitate to but this EP has a different vibe & texture than his previous output and I'm not connecting with it."

Kirk Degiorgio (ART): "doesn't quite work for me."

Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808): "I love faith!"

Roman Lindau (Fachwerk): "Faith and Ghosts are briliant!"

Isorinne (Field/Mixed­up/Infinite Waves): "Weird and really nice."

Ike Release:
"Faith is a jam! great work overall. ­ike"

Dj T (GET PHYSICAL MUSIC GMBH): "thank you for the music!"

Laurent Garnier: "Brilliant ­­ will play a lot"

Neville Watson:
"Are these weirdo at it again??? ‘Can’t Joke With Dexy’ is a killer groove."

Delta Funktionen (Radio Matrix): "Scale is fantastic!"

Vince Watson (Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba): "Faith is gorgeous."

Mamiko Motto (Kindred Spirits): "very dark... not for me. x"

Simian Mobile Disco (Delicacies): "Can't Joke is no joke."

Zadig (Construct Re­Form):
"Interesting Ep, different things here. Faith and Ghosts are my fav. Thanks"

Christereo: "Fancy tunes!"

Makam: "MERCI!"

Simone Gatto (OUT­ER):
"Lovely release,Ghosts is my pick! Thanks"

Deejay Astral (W&O Street Tracks // Unknown To The Unknown // Hot Haus Recs): "nice trax"

Adam Marshall (New Kanada):
"whole EP is very nice. wide spectrum, deep grooves. thanks."

Massiande (MOS Recordings):
"First two tracks for me, really really sweet"

"Can't joke with Dxy and Ghosts are great thanks!"

Tommy Four Seven [47]: "Ghosts!"

Bleak ( Delsin /Naura/ Deeply Rooted): "Ghosts sounds cool! Thanks"

Cassegrain (Prologue):
"Faith + Ghosts, very nice ep on the whole"

Nick Höppner (OstGut Ton):
"Such a good producer. Faith is absolutely gorgeous!"

Charlton (Poverty is Violence / Mord): "Cheers great tracks :)"

Necta Selecta (Eat Music):
"Ghosts is the one... the 1st 3 are a bit too 'uplifting' for me, lovely production otherwise tho, thanks !"

Katrien Schuermans (ks) (Gonzo Circus): "Ghosts!"

Ben Sims (Symbolism): "faith is class, thx!"

Damo (Outta Limits Radio Show):
"STRONG EP, fave cut is probably Can't joke With Dxy. D"

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Recordings): "not for me"

Gingy (Clone):
"I love this. Swirling, hypnotic... these are all going to be getting a lot of play. Every single one."

Olly Todd (Hyponik):
"!!!!!!! Fire !!!!!!! ­ 'Faith' is stunning, rich textures and subtle changes all round, the whole release is ace"

Mirella Kroes (Motiv):
"Can't Joke.. & Faith.. beautiful, thanks!"

Jazzface (DJ Jazzface/URB Magazine): "Beautiful deep tracks"

DJ Santorini (OUT­ER):
"very cool deep hypnosis, will play"

Tom Dicicco (The Corner / Off Minor Recordings): "Quality tracks!"

Kid Culture (DJ Mag NL): "Pure magic!"

Chille jr. (Night "great music!"

Iron Curtis (Retreat Mirau Mule): "Wunderbar!"

Domenic Cappello (Sub Club): "faith is great"

Happa (Boomkat):
"Can't Joke With Dix is my Fave. Great all round EP though."

Ripperton (Perspectiv Records):
"This is absolutely stunning! What a Beauty, Bravo!"

Joris Voorn (Rejected / Green): "Faith is a beauty!!"

Locked Groove (Hotflush / Life and Death): "amazing stuff, can ́t pick a favorite"

Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner): "nice one!"

Angel Molina (Sonar Music):
"Although not for playing, 'Ghosts' and especially 'Scale' sound good to me, nice dark stuff on it. Thanks!"

Alex.Do (Dystopian): "'Faith' is just beautiful!"

James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio): "very interesting tracks, will dl and listen properly..."

Craig Hollywood (RTRFM):
"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"

Tomaz (22tracks): "*****"

Richie Hawtin (M­nus): "downloaded for r hawtin"

Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork):
""Can't Joke With Dxy" sounds epic. Whole EP is awesome, and I love the curve­ball of "Scale." Great stuff."

Roland Appel: "i ́m in..."

Metrist / L.SAE (Opal Tapes/Black Opal): "!"

Alan Lockett (Igloo Mag): "Keep the "Faith"!"

Chymera (Ovum,Delsin):
"Serious stuff here. Love the melodies and dense arrangements. Can't Joke with Dxy and Faith are my favourites"

Ambivalent (Delft):
"I really like this whole release."

Electric Indigo (indigo:inc): "not quite for me."

Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant): "Great like everything Benedikt does !"

Karim Sahraoui (Transmat/Mirakles):
"Faith has the price for me..but all the tracks have something interesting. good"

JP Enfant (Enfant Music): "Sick ep"

Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records): "Scale is fuckin rad"

Clara Moto (InFiné):
"amazing release! very special"

Manuel Tur: "Thank you."

Romansoff (Raw Tools):
"amazing, next level stuff :) big up to Benedikt, such a versatile producer"

Boy Bianchi (DJ Dimitri): "Original stuff. LIKE."

Clouds (Turbo):
"vibey stunning! thanks!"

GoldFFinch (Valence, Turbo): "into faith ! thx"

Breach (Naked Naked, Aus): "loving all of these thank you"

Mano le Tough (Permanent Vacation): "definitely into this. thanks"

J.C. (S.C MUGAKO): "Very interesting!"

Giles Armstrong:
"Nice diverse EP with Faith my favourite. Cheers!"

Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate):
"not very playable for me but cool tunes!"

Slam (Soma Records): "will road test thanx"

Santiago Salazar (Historia y Violencia): "Great release! I'm really into 'Faith'."

Nuno Dos Santos (Something Happening Somewhere): "love these tracks!!"

Rivet (Kess Kill / Kontra­Musik): "Cheers!"

John Osborn (Tanstaafl Records):
"dope EP. magical moments happening in these traxs"


released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved