Dripbox EP (Creme 12​-​84)

by Luka Lozano & Mr Ho



Klasse Recordings label heads Luca Lozano and Mr Ho hook up here with a new EP on Creme Organization. They turn out one solo track each and two collaborative efforts and explore the sort of jacking, mystical house sounds you would expect from this established Dutch label.

First up, 'Dripbox' - crafted by both producers - is raw and tough, with lots of analogue atmosphere, tripped out synths and muffled vocals. 'Bear Samurai' is then a solo effort from Mr Ho that marries droning sirens with gallivanting, lumpy drums and hiccuping percussive patterns. It's sythentica and metallic, reflective and shiny before the pair hook up again for 'Hot Trak', which is a more serene and bubbly deep house cut. The claps chatter, the cow bells get lively and the drums are super corrugated. Finally, Lozano gets even more raw and prickly, kinetic and textural with his closer 'Autonomika', which also comes complete with sci-fi melodies and a thick, dirty bassline that will destroy dance floors.

"nice mid-80's vibe to these... Hot Trak is great!"
Kirk Degiorgio (ART, Ipswich, Suffolk)

"like dripbox"
Domenic Cappello (Sub Club)

"Wicked release! Really enjoying this."
Lakker / Eomac (R&S / Killekill)

"Very nicely covered!"

"trying this tonight"
Chevel (Enklav / Vae Victis)

Luke Slater (Mote-Evolver UK, All over)

"nice sounds here! cheers!"
James Kumo (KMusic, Manchester)

"Hot Trak is a hot track! I mean it!"
Eiwen (BLN FM / @Eiwenhertz, Berlin)

"Good record! "Dripbox" and "Bear Samurai" are both dope."
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork, Barcelona)

"Sounding great! Dripbox is raw."
Ike Release (MOS Recordings, Chicago)

"Go on then... Well done lads"
Mosca (Ann Aimee, Not So Much, Prime Numbers, London)

"Bear Samurai for me"
Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate, Los Angeles)

"Top qulaity stuff, Hot Trak is the one though"
Mella Dee (Jericho One)

"loose, dirty vibes on these tracks. sounds like a good EP."
Chris SSG (Interstice(ssg))

"dripbox & autonomika both sounding cheeky n heavvy..."
James Priestley (secretsundaze / TSA Artists, London)

"BEAR SAMOURAI all the way"
Laurent Garnier

"Dripbox is my pick"
Binny (Orbis / Scenery / CLFT, Liverpool)

"Hot Trak and Bear Samurai are my favourites"
Volte-Face (Bleed Music, London)

"What a Rocking EP. Love it!! 'HOT TRAK'"
Tommy D Funk (DJ Times)

"cool tunes ! hot track and samurai for us ! thx"
GoldFFinch (Turbo, Dirty Bird)

"Autonomika is my fave! Pure Crème quality."
Neville Watson

"The bear Samurai track is nice"
Patrik Skoog (Sample+Hold / Third Ear)

"ik kwam voor die Myriad die net uit is.... maar deze is ook leuk :-)"
Serge (Clone Distribution, Rotterdam)

"bear samurai is the one. nice cover :)"
Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808, Zagreb)

"'bear samurai' is KILLER. will play"
James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio, Bristol)

"thank you for the music!"

"Thanks but not for me."
Tommy Four Seven

"Bear Samurai is the cut for me, dbx vibes, thx!"
Ben Sims (Symbolism, London)

Rivet (Skudge Present, Kontra-Musik)

"bear samuria por moi.."
Intalex / Trevino (Birdie / 3024)

"They're all great. Hard to pick a favorite. I'll definitely play all of these."
Ambivalent (Delft, Berlin)

"only into 'Mr Ho - Bear Samurai', nice 'alien' feel on it. Thanks."
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

"All solid grooves will feature on The Outta Limits Radio Show, 'Hot Trak' grabbed me the most off first listen but i like them all. Thanks D"
Damo (Outta Limits Radio Show, Greater Manchester)

"Nice Ep, really like Dripbox and Bear Samurai."
Najem Sworb (Clone, Ai)

"not for me"
Vince Watson (Bedrock / Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba, Amsterdam)

"Feeling Bear Samurai, great wonky groove"
Darko Esser (Doornroosje, Nijmegen)

"Fave is Bear Samurai thanks"
Dj Simbad (Various / Browsnwood Rec.)

"this bangs"
Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Brooklyn)

"Fun stuff, autonomika probably my fav. thanks!"
CTRLS (Token)

"Dope! will try out for sure.. thanks"
Simone Gatto (OUT-ER)

"pure love!! this is awesome release"
astytekk (Lower Parts, Piraeus)

"sounds pumpin!"
Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape)

"great thanks!"
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD)

"Not what I would play so much."

Sven VT (De-bug, Berlin)

"Solid EP, full support on this!"
Tom Dicicco (Run Out Run//The Corner)

"Bear Samurai is that great mix of vintage low fi and new vibes. Good stuff"
Paul Mac (Stimulus Records, Essex)

"Dripbox and Hot Trak are great"
Circular Rhythms (Scenery)

D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. (Opal Tapes/Northern Electronics/Field, Enskededalen)

"dripbox is my fave. can see myself playing bear samurai and hot trak too though"
Gingy (Clone, Toronto)

"all good but Dripbox slight fave"
Tomaz (22tracks, Sint Pieters Leeuw)

"Dripbox for me."
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka)

"Typical Creme quality. Hot Trak & Autonomika both good. Thanks."
Dave TTB (TOTHEBONE, London)

"bear samurai"
alex cortex

"not for me this time."
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"Cream never fails for me thanks :) will play out :)"
Charlton/Tapirus (Mord /Emphasis Recordings, Berlin)

Pieter Presk (Presk / Will & Ink, Amsterdam)

"Weird and Spacey!!! Great Stuff!"
Bleak (Skudge / Delsin, Stockholm)

"nice spacey shit!"
Chille jr. (Night Moves@Framed.fm, Croatia)

"dripbox for me thxx"
Franck Roger

"downloaded for r hawtin"
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, Berlin)

"Like it! thanks."
Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel, Berlin)

"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"
Craig Hollywood (RTRFM)

"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"
Craig Hollywood (RTRFM)

Marco Bernardi (Take The Elevator, Bristol)

"downloading for Erol Alkan"
Erol Alkan (Phantasy Sound)

"beltros beltros ghali!"
Ben Morris

"Collabs standout for me, thanks!"
Giles Armstrong

"I Love it ! Thank you"
Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant)

"Hot Trak and Autonomika are superb"
ASOK (M>O>S, Mistress, Creme, Scenery, Liverpool)

"Bear samurai is the one for me! thanks"
DJ Santorini (OUT-ER)

"Love the first two tracks"
Randomer (Hemlock, London)

"nice traxx thanks"
Palace (Unknown To The Unknown, Hot Haus Recs)

"Nice old school vibes - "Hot Trak" just edges it for me - thanks"
Slam (Soma Records)


released April 27, 2015



all rights reserved